About Us


Our company organizes and manages corporate sports leagues all over Europe and Asia, with a social mission of giving back to local NGO's in the cities we operate.

Social Impact - We believe that corporate responsibility is one of the keys to creating sustainable social impact in our communities and around the globe.

Inclusion - Our sports leagues - for corporations and for kids - are truly inclusive. From indoor pitches to adaptive sports, we create experiences for players of all levels.

Enjoyment - Sports have the power to transform lives. Employees that play sports are happier and work harder at their jobs, and kids that play sports are happier and work harder in their schools and communities. It's a win-win.

Teamwork - The real magic happens when we work together. Our corporate sports leagues bring employees together around a common cause, and our sports programs bring unity to communities in need.

Innovation - We provide a unique corporate sport experience in exclusive pitches and work tirelessly to design unforgettable experiences for our players.

We donate every year to 20 different NGO's around the world an amount of 40.000$ - that is 90% of our proceeds!


Our customers enjoy playing football with us, and so can you! Don't take our word for it - here are some testimonials from our recent leagues.

"It has been nice to go around the bank scouting for players, and certainly, people who you don’t know much about outside the workplace. You get positively surprised by how easily people open up in front of a football and in front of a social event like this, and obviously it has got positive repercussions as well on the workplace when you go back and meet them the next day, they are all much more open and much more social than before the football game. So overall it has been a great experience." - Mauro Pizzale, Citi Bank London

"If you’ve never been involved in Futsal before, I suggest giving it a go because there are a lot more touches on the ball, it’s a lot more interactive in terms of team structure, team shape. We have really enjoyed it and I think that we will definitely come back and play again. The thing that I have noticed most people looking forward to is the highlights and the post game. People always want to see their goals replayed back." - Chris Mort, Spotify London

"As part of Deloitte football team, we very much enjoy the service of Futsal Social Club. It's well organized, fun and competitive in the same time. Each week is now the event we are looking forward to... and we keep talking about it by the coffee machine! Thanks for your hard work." - Antoine Imberti, Deloitte Luxembourg

"It’s physical, it’s friendly, it’s the way you want football to be. I want to say a thank you for organising this, it has been really amazing, we enjoyed playing every game, and receiving the videos the next day. Being able to share the videos, the pictures." - Matthieu Simon, Google London

"The Goodyear team located in Luxembourg is absolutely enthusiast about the tournament format and organization. The highlights of the match represents the cherry on top of the cake. The competition, characterized by fair play and mutual respects, allowed to strengthen the relations between colleagues and to promote a healthier life style. Absolutely recommended!" - Marco Malago, Goodyear Luxemburg

"You get to participate in your own firm’s team , not only will you meet people within your own firm and you will get to know people from different departments, you will also meet people from other firms, and who knows what opportunities that will bring. So definitely get involved, and it’s a health activity- what more could you want!" - Ali Alkatib, EY London

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